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International Eiffel Programming Contest 2005

Awards for class libraries and applications in Eiffel

NICE is pleased to announce the results of the International Eiffel Programming Contest 2005, a competition of open source Eiffel projects.

Following the competition's tradition, entries have been granted gold, silver and bronze awards. The table below lists the entries as they have been ranked by the judges.

We would like to thank the participants for their hard work, the judges for their time and our sponsors for making the competition possible.

The sponsors are:

1 gexslt Gobo Eiffel XSLT 2.0 implementation Colin Paul Adams
2 eiffelmedia This is the new EiffelSDL. We renamed the project, because it contains much more than only the wrapper of the SDL functions. Please refer to the webpage for documentation and screenshots: http://eiffelmedia.origo.ethz.ch Till G. Bay
3 edoc An automatic API documentation generator (like SmartEiffel's eiffeldoc) based on GOBO's Eiffel parser. Julian Tschannen
4 erl-g Erl-G is the Eiffel Reflection Library Generator. With Erl-G you can make an arbitrary Eiffel system introspectable/reflectable. Andreas Leitner
5 AutoTest Practice shows that, in spite of on-going research in the field of software testing, methodologies and tools have not yet managed to provide software developers with adequate support for testing activities.
AutoTest, which is the successor to TestStudio, is a fully automatic testing tool. Our methodology is based on Design by Contract (TM). Contracts are a valuable source of information regarding the intended semantics of the software. The information that contracts (preconditions, postconditions, class invariants, loop variants and invariants, and check instructions) provide can be used to check whether the software fulfills its intended purpose. By checking that the software respects its contracts, we can ascertain its validity. Therefore, contracts provide the basis for automation of the testing process.
AutoTest allows the user to generate, compile and run tests on the push of a button.
Andreas Leitner
6 gutentag gutentag' generates emacs and vi tags for Eiffel systems. It reads a standard Eiffel ACE or Gobo XACE file and produces a tag file. The tag file is meant to be read by emacs or vi. Once read, emacs respectively vi can auto-complete and jump to all classes and features defined in the (X)ACE file. Andreas Leitner
7 ews Eiffel Windowing System (EWS) is an Eiffel library which provides a small, stand-alone windowing system. The current implementation is based on the Simple Directmedia Library (SDL), but the design allows other graphical backends.
Besides the basic windowing system functionality (overlapping windows, event passing and handling, graphical operations, input froum mouse and keyboard), a small widget-toolkit is included (buttons, scrollbars, labels, etc.).
It's specially well suited for applications where a fine degree of control over presentation and timing is required. Multimedia applications and games are the usual examples.
Daniel F Moisset
8 desync Clean up directories that where synchronised Justin Finnerty
9 amber Amber for Parrot is a scripting language for the Parrot virtual machine. It combines the traditional advantages of scripting languages with support for software correctness and large-scale software engineering. Syntax and semantics are somewhere between those of Ruby and Eiffel. Roger Browne
10 numeric_eiffel_library My submission is the Numeric Eiffel Library, a collection of scientific programming classes that include implementations of complex numbers, matrices, and vectors. Greg Lee