[NICE: The Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel]

The Eiffel Forum License

Version 2

This license is compatible with the GNU GPL and approved by OSI. Note that version 1 of the Eiffel Forum license is not compatible with the GPL. This license gives Eiffel Open Source programmers the best compatibility with other Eiffel libraries and the broadest acceptance in the Open Source community.

Changes compared to version 1:

  1. Version number upgraded to 2: it could have been upgraded to 1.1 but I think it's better to upgrade to 2 to avoid confusion and because there are some quite important changes.
  2. Some numbers (1: and 2:) are added before the 2 main paragraphs: this was suggested by David Turner to make it easier to discuss the license.
  3. In the first paragraph "... includes this file" is replaced with "... includes this license text": this was suggested by David Turner because requiring the distribution as a "file" could prevent the software to be distributed printed on paper and on computer systems that have no notion of "file".
  4. The second paragraph is modified so that it is not any more required but it is still encouraged that modified versions of the package be publicly released if a binary program depending on the package is distributed: this is the main change and this has been discussed on the gobo-eiffel-develop mailing list and also a little on the eiffel-nice-discuss mailing list.

Version 1

This license is approved by OSI. Software distributed under this license is "OSI Certified Open Source Software.".