[NICE: The Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel]

NICE Standards

List of Standards

ID and short name Title Description Status Download
NICE-5 THE "CREATE" INSTRUCTION This specification amends the Eiffel syntax to add a new construct for object creation, to be known as the "create" instruction. Adopted January 2002 TXT
ELKS 2001 STRING This specification updates the ELKS STRING class, replacing the STRING class specified in NICE-2. Adopted August 2001 TXT
ELKS 2000 ARRAY This specification updates the ELKS ARRAY class, replacing the ARRAY class specified in NICE-2. Adopted April 2000 TXT
Eiffel Library Kernel Standard, 1995 Vintage The Eiffel Library Kernel Standard defines the key library classes. There are also a few language changes that update NICE-1. Adopted 1996 PDF
Eiffel The Language 2nd Printing Bertrand Meyer's book describes the Eiffel language, and was adopted by NICE as the language standard. Adopted 1992 N/A

NICE-1 is a published book: Eiffel The Language by Bertrand Meyer (Prentice-Hall 1992), ISBN 0-13-247925-7. Be sure to get the second or later printing.

A later document, Eiffel The Reference by Bertrand Meyer, is a concise reference of the syntax and semantics of Eiffel. Eiffel The Reference is not an official NICE standard.