[NICE: The Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel]


The aim of NICE is to promote the industrial approach to the reliable construction of computer software by furthering the development of an industry of high quality reusable software components, based on the Eiffel object-oriented method, language, libraries and environment.


NICE shall have the following specific objectives ...

  • To educate the computer profession to the benefits of the object-oriented approach to software development and modern methods of software engineering.
  • To standardize the Eiffel language and control its evolution.
  • To standardize the interface of the basic Eiffel libraries and control its evolution.
  • To promote the production of tools for effective software development in Eiffel.
  • To foster educational, scientific and technical communication between NICE's members, and other members of the software engineering community, in the interest of software productivity.
  • To encourage the definition and implementation of standards to facilitate the task of Eiffel software developers.
  • To support the production and distribution of reusable Eiffel components from contributors worldwide.
  • To disseminate the worldwide use of the Eiffel principles, method, language, libraries and tools.
  • To sponsor public meetings of Eiffel users and other interested parties.