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The Eiffel Struggle 2000

Awards for class libraries and applications in Eiffel

NICE is pleased to announce the results of the Eiffel Struggle 2000 competition of open source Eiffel projects.

Following the competition's tradition, entries have been granted gold, silver and bronze awards. The table below lists the entries as they have been ranked by the judges.

The range of entries this year has been varied and impressive. All the contributions are made available on the Struggle 2000 Results web site as well as below, and quite a few already have their own dedicated web pages.

We would like to thank the participants for their hard work, the judges for their time and our sponsors for making the competition possible.

The sponsors are:


1 ECLI This is an ODBC/CLI Eiffel Interface library. Paul G. Crismer
2 eposix Posix binding. Berend de Boer
3 MAS Market Analysis System. Jim Cochrane
4 E-Fox EiffelFox is a GUI library which permits powerful GUI functionality coupled with full portability from Unix to Win32. Darren Hiebert
5 Epolyglot Epolyglot is a set of Eiffel classes and tools to call Python and Haskell code from within Eiffel (and vice-versa, for Python). Victor B. Putz
6 Mandolin Drawing fractals. Chris Saunders
7 RSF Recoverable storable facility for ISE Eiffel. Darren Hiebert
8 DAS Deterministic Automata Simulator 1.1 Alberto Minto
9 Eswirl Drawing fractals. Miron Brezuleanu
10 efractals Drawing fractals. Mark Arrasmith
11 Ecgi This class can be used to write programs intended to be the targets of web server forms as cgi scripts. Dave E. Martin

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