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ELKS 2002 standard (under discussion)

ELKS 2001 standard

ELKS 1995 standard

Current implementations

From Vintage 95 to Vintage 2001

The following changes would transform Vintage 95 into Vintage 2001. They are as independent as I can make them, so that if one change proves unacceptable it will have a little impact as possible on the other changes.

Originally, I attempted to summarise the discussions relating to each change. But it turned out to be too difficult to do justice to the various viewpoints. It's really necessary to go back to the eiffel-nice-library list to review the discussions.

The following changes have been decided by a vote within this group:

The following suggestions were made in a September 1999 Draft Proposal, but are unlikely to be discussed and voted on for ELKS 2001: The following items seem worthy of being considered in their own right, after or in parallel with the main ELKS 2001 STRING process. The following changes have been voted on within this group, but rejected:


Vendor issues

This is a place to record vendor positions on the Vintage 2001 proposals, and also any vendor-specific technical issues that we have become aware of.

Older Stuff


Discussion of these proposals takes place at YahooGroups. Follow the discussions at