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This page records the history of ELKS 2000 prior to the discussions being conducted in the eiffel-nice-library mailing list.

In 1995, NICE (The Non-Profit International Consortium for Eiffel) adopted the ELKS'95 standard for Eiffel kernel libraries. Since then, and despite the fact it was supposed to be updated each year and although it was considered by many as an imperfect standard, ELKS had not evolved beyond ELKS'95.

In July 1999, Emmanuel Stapf (from ISE) and Dominique Colnet and Olivier Zendra (both from the SmallEiffel team) met in Nancy, France, and worked on a much-needed proposal (limited to ARRAY and STRING) to try and get ELKS evolving a bit. This initial ELKS 2000 draft proposal was then submitted for review to other Eiffel experts, then to a meeting in TOOLS USA.

It is now discussed in the NICE mailing list dedicated to library issues,

This site gives acces to the following resources:

The current state of the ELKS 2000 proposal for ARRAY.
The current state of the ELKS 2000 proposal for STRING.
The initial ELKS 2000 proposal.
The initial ELKS 2000 proposal for ARRAY.
The initial ELKS 2000 proposal for STRING.
The list of changes between the initial and the current ELKS 2000 proposals.

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Last Update: 20 August 1999.