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Changes from Vintage 1995 to Vintage 2000

The following changes transform Vintage 1995 into Vintage 2000.

Originally, I attempted to summarise the discussions relating to each change. But it turned out to be too difficult to do justice to the various viewpoints. It's really necessary to go back to the eiffel-nice-library list to review the discussions.

The following changes have been accepted within this group:

No changes have been proposed for the following features: lower, upper.

The following items from the September Draft Proposal have been suggested for ELKS 2000 but were not discussed or voted on:

The following proposals have been voted on within this group, but rejected: The following proposal was accepted unanimously:

Vendor issues

ISE opposed the removal of to_c from ELKS 2000 ARRAY. Apart from this one case, no vendor representative voted against any of the accepted proposals.

Old Stuff